About Specialized Power

A Customer-Centric Company
Specialized Power is a reseller of energy storage products on on site power systems. Our founder has been in the industry since 2010 and used a customer-centric model when creating Specialized Power , making people the focus of our operation, not competitors. Our niche and value-add is to improve and simplify an often fragmented and complex industry, and we have been doing for nearly a decade now for customers  of all sizes.

Builders, Contractors, Solar Professionals
If you are a builder or contractor who is shopping for a project that is already specified or perhaps you just want to increase margins by selling and installing the solar electric systems and standby power systems, look no further. We can provide certified schematic drawings for solar and wind systems, as well as offer the best solution at the lowest price for all standby power solutions.

Telecom & Data Center
We have the solution for remote site power as well as standby power. Trust Specialized Power to get your Data Center, Telco or ISP’s mission critical systems protected and ready for an emergency. We offer Power Generators, ATS Switches and UPS / Battery Backup Systems of all sizes. We also offer solar, wind and diesel power solutions for remote site power.

We know that all Healthcare Organizations requires the redundancy and reliability for your mission critical systems. For that reason we offer a wide variety of power generators and Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) and switchgear accessories.

Resorts and Hotels
Perhaps you want to harness the natural wind and sun resources at your resort or hotel, or maybe you see the value in streamlined standby power solution and just want to be prepared in a storm or power outage. We’ve got you covered.

Mining Industries
We have helped companies in the mining industry with remote power needs for over 5 years now. Whether you need to power your equipment in remote locations with a diesel genset, or prefer a lithium battery based renewable energy solution using wind and solar power for your base camp, we have the experience and products you need.

.GOV and .MIL
Our founder’s customer file includes the US Navy, The Department of State and other branches of local, state and federal government. We offer generators, lithium batteries, spares and parts that meet or exceed military specs as well as solar and wind energy systems for all applications.

Oil and Drilling
We have experience in designing systems for any on site, off grid or remote power systems. We are a growing supplier of Diesel Generators and Lithium batteries deigned for your application.

Founder’s Client List
US Navy
US Dept of State
US Dept of Energy
Friends of Amateur Rocketry (Boeing)

Contact Information
Specialized Power
12768 California St
Yucaipa, CA 92399
Phone & Fax: 1.855.543.3704

Credit Card Policy
​We accept Paypal which allow customers to checkout using any credit or debit card. For business to business, wholesale purchases and payments on NET Term Accounts, In order to help us safely and quickly process your credit card transaction, we ask if you also scan and email us a front and back copy of the credit card and government issued ID of the cardholder. Please notify your credit card company or bank of the pending transaction if needed. Please Note any authorization, verbal or written acts as a binding purchase order and agreement to do business. Specialized Power reserves the right to any and all generally accepted collection actions.

Terms & Conditions
All sales should be considered final. Please check your invoice for lead times. Your information is never stored and we do not use cookies on our website. Please use the above contact information to properly contact Specialized Power for any reason. Please report any damages or inaccurate deliveries within 3 hours of original delivery time.

Please note all cancelled orders will result in a 30% Restocking Fee, this includes solar orders and all special ordered items. A purchase order will be accepted and considered binding if written or spoken verbally. Any commitment, intent or promise to do business should be taken seriously as a binding contract. Our business, and all businesses are based on People. Many parties act accordingly on these commitments and our great network allows us the privilege to offer top-brand products at competitive prices.

​Please use common sense and common courtesy when doing business. A broken commitment to do-business hurts all parties, including other customers and our vendors alike. We kindly ask that you Enter into all business transactions treating all parties fairly, treating others way you would want to be treated. Please keep in mind that any commitment to do business is not only a binding agreement, but that commitment is often passed on in the management and supply chain. A breach in that commitment has a ripple effect. Time is money, we are not unpaid consultants. There are real costs to every email, phone call, quote and consultation. Delays, inefficiencies, failed commitments and all breaches in contract lead to higher overhead and higher costs. This applies to our distributors and their technical staff as well, leading to  a diluted emphasis on the importance of our projects when we ask for support from manufacturer’s staff. Help keep our products and customer service top-notch, and prices low.

Waiver of Sovereign Immunity. Any Party (Including but not limited to Indian Tribes, Foreign or Domestic Government Entities, Religious and/or Non Profits) that now or hereafter has a right to claim sovereign immunity for itself or any of its contracts, agreements or general “doings” hereby waives any such immunity to the fullest extent permitted by the laws of any applicable jurisdiction.