SOK 48V 100Ah Server Rack $1980
Trophy 48V 48V220C w/shipping $3745
Fortress Power 48V 100Ah $3600
Renogy 48V 50Ah $1699
RoyPow 48V 105Ah 5kWh $2299
Dakota Battery 96Ah 5kWh $2699
Big Battery 15kWh $5999
LG RESU16H 16kWh $9900

Specialized 48V 400Ah 20kWh $7200


-3% Price Match
-150A Discharge on 48V (not 100A)
-Smart BMS with PC Connectivity
-Many Case Options at no charge
-Robust BMS with communication
-Paypal, Credit Card or Bitcoin Accepted


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Since 2010 we have worked both grid tie systems and battery based systems too. We specialize in Off-Grid, Hybrid and Grid-tie battery backup systems.

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We offer full power solutions such as Diesel Generators, Transfer Switches and UPS Systems for seamless On-Site and Standby Power for any application.

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