Refund Policy

All sales should be considered final. Please check your invoice for lead times.  Please report any damages or inaccurate deliveries within 3 hours of delivery time. We will gladly accept returns for exchange. Exchange requests should be made as soon as possible, but no later than 48 hours after shipment or delivery. If a similar product is not available, a full refund will be issued within 15 business days using the same payment method used at checkout. All items ship with insurance on them. Any damaged shipment should be reported at the time of delivery. Please be sure to gather supporting documents and photos to help expedite any possible insurance claim. Time Dated or Time Stamped photos and videos are very helpful and highly suggested. We agree to pay shipping for any defective or damaged product exchanges.

Please note all cancelled orders will result in a 30% Restocking Fee, this includes solar orders and all special ordered items. A purchase order will be accepted and considered binding if written or spoken verbally. Any commitment, intent or promise to do business should be taken seriously as a binding contract. Our business, and all businesses are based on People. Many parties act accordingly on these commitments and our great network allows us the privilege to offer top-brand products at competitive prices.

​Please use common sense and common courtesy when doing business. A broken commitment to do-business hurts all parties, including other customers and our vendors alike. We kindly ask that you Enter into all business transactions treating all parties fairly, treating others way you would want to be treated. Please keep in mind that any commitment to do business is not only a binding agreement, but that commitment is often passed on in the management and supply chain. A breach in that commitment has a ripple effect. Time is money, we are not unpaid consultants. There are real costs to every email, phone call, quote and consultation. Delays, inefficiencies, failed commitments and all breaches in contract lead to higher overhead and higher costs. This applies to our distributors and their technical staff as well, leading to  a diluted emphasis on the importance of our projects when we ask for support from manufacturer’s staff. Help keep our customer service top-notch, and prices low.

Waiver of Sovereign Immunity. Any Party (Including but not limited to Indian Tribes, Foreign or Domestic Government Entities, Religious and/or Non Profits) that now or hereafter has a right to claim sovereign immunity for itself or any of its contracts, agreements or general “doings” hereby waives any such immunity to the fullest extent permitted by the laws of any applicable jurisdiction.

All batteries electronics come with a NON-DOA warranty, and will be exchanged if defective. All defective battery claims should be made within 24 hours of shipment or delivery.

All Diesel Generators are tested before shipping, and will arrive in working condition. If an insurance claim for damaged freight is necessary, we will work closely with you to ensure the claim is properly filed in a timely manner.

The Buyer is responsible for learning the laws in their location regarding the operation of generators (or anything) in their location. We can sell any generator to any customer, how and where you use it could be subject to laws and codes in your location.  All generators are sold by Specialized Power Systems for stationary, export or off road use unless otherwise noted.

**All Taxes, Tariffs and Fees included (No Additional Costs).
**All generators are sold for stationary, export or off road use unless noted or requested by customer.
**Buyer is responsible for learning the laws for operating (of anything, including generators) in their location.
**Sales Tax is only required for Direct Sales paid to Specialized Power Systems.
**Payment for Brokered Sales are made to the OEM Direct via PayPal or Wire Transfer

All batteries electronics come with a NON-DOA warranty, in addition to their respective manufacturer’s warranty. Most Solar panels have a 25 year output warranty, and most inverters have a 5 year warranty. You can honor the warranty either through us or the manufacturer direct.

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